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Hello everyone; hope you are all keeping well

I thought I would write a bit about salt (or sodium) for this month’s blog.

Did you know?

As adults, we need less than 6g of salt in out diet per day (that’s 2.4g of sodium). That is only 1level teaspoon of salt per day!

We find salt in so many products that we buy so it is important to be clued up about how to reduce our intake.

Reducing the salt in your diet is a vital element to a heart healthy diet and is quite easy to make some healthy changes.

Look at the nutritional information of your packets when shopping and opt for products that are either green or amber on the traffic light symbols.

Have a look at this salt leaflet for lots of information on what salt does to your heart and blood vessels and how to reduce how much you are consuming.

You would be forgiven for thinking that ‘Lo- salt’ (or other low salt alternatives to table salt) is a healthier option then standard salt and for the general population, these products have their place. These products have a salty taste but are low in sodium but higher in potassium.

Potassium is an important element to our diets. However, do not use a low-salt alternative product if you have any of the following:

· Taking medication following a heart attack

· Have heart failure

· Have any kidney problems

· Have poorly controlled diabetes

· Addison’s disease

· Taking Spironolactone

· Taking ACE-inhibitors (medications ending in ‘pril’ such as Ramipril)

· Taking angiotensin II receptor antagonists (medications ending in ‘artan’ such as Losartan

· Taking NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (e.g: ibruprofen and Naproxen).

These medications can increase your potassium and if taken together with a ‘Lo-salt’ salt alternative product, might cause hyperkalemia (high blood potassium levels).

If in doubt do not use a Lo-salt product or ask your Pharmacist, GP or dietitian for advice.

Fancy a tasty and healthy Chicken Tikka Masala? Try out this Tikka sauce recipe.

No added salt needed and low in fat so a much healthier version of a shop bought or takeaway curry… and just as tasty (it’s one of my personal favourites!). Add your favourite lean meat, or Quorn and pack it with vegetables and serve with boiled rice.

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