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Following the completion of your rehabilitation programme we encourage you to continue activity and peer interaction. When joining as an Atrium Health member you will benefit from the support and guidance of our team of highly skilled instructors who will find the right kind of exercise for you to achieve your goals and improve your quality of life.

Atrium offer flexible memberships allowing you to pay as you go, have a monthly rolling direct debit, or pay annually.  Alongside the ongoing benefits of remaining active, you will also receive regular programme reviews and can introduce up to 2 guests to the centre (subject to assessment).


The Atrium exercise team currently only have capacity to accept new members if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have completed one of our rehab programmes.

  • You are a past member who wants to return, after a scheduled assessment.

  • You are a Weight Management patient wanting to use the intro offer.

  • You are a friend or family member of an existing member. 

  • you will be required to have a guest assessment.


Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer assistance to anyone outside of the above criteria.


per gym session

or per class



GoCV+ concession

per gym session or per class


Unlimited exercise

and classes


GoCV+ concession exercise and classes


(Includes 1 month free)

Unlimited exercise

and classes


GoCV+ concession 

(Includes 1 month free)

Unlimited exercise

and classes

Car parking is available at the Skydome for a fee of £1.50 payable at Atrium Health reception.

Please note your registration number is required.

For concessionary prices a valid GOCV+ card and number must be shown to reception. 

Direct Debit & Annual Membership includes:

  • Gym staffed by highly skilled exercise team.

  • Programme reviews ensuring your exercise is safe, effective and above all fun.

  • Monday 6pm – It’s a Knock-out.

  • Thursday 6pm – Circuits.

  • Thursday 11am – FMG (Functional Mobility Group).  Exercises to improve balance, co-ordination, and mobility to help with everyday tasks.

A guest assessment includes a battery of tests to give an overview of a guest’s fitness levels.  We also discuss your current activity levels, goals and medical history/medication.  Assessment will include measurements of resting fitness levels i.e. heart rate and blood pressure.

This will also include an induction to the gym and an individualised exercise programme.

If a person has previous gym experience with no medical history, they may be able to use the gym subject to completing a PAR-Q medical questionnaire.

DSC_5713a low.jpg

This assessment is designed for those who have not attended the gym in excess of 6 months for a short health reassessment and to discuss any worries/queries you may have for your return. You can also use this opportunity to review your programme with an exercise specialist.

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