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Updated February 2024


To help you get the best out of Atrium Health, Centre for Exercise & Health, and to understand our responsibilities to you and your responsibilities to us, please read these terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions apply to all our members and their guests. They are necessary to ensure we can offer an enjoyable and safe environment for you, your guests, and other members during every visit to our facility. These terms and conditions apply at all times and supersede any previous versions.

To help make these terms and conditions easy to understand, they have been divided into two sections:

• Part A – Terms and conditions of membership

All members and guests are required to observe the same terms and conditions.

• Part B – Rules and regulations for using facilities

If you have any questions, a member of our team will be happy to help you.

Definitions that apply to part A

You – The member
We and us – Atrium Health Limited

1. Members' Responsibilities

a) Every person who signs a membership application will be individually responsible under this agreement.

b) Accordingly, you will be responsible for paying all appropriate membership fees for yourself.

c) You must observe the rules and regulations regarding the use of facilities, as detailed in Part B.


2. Notice

a) ​Pay-as-you-go memberships are valid for one day only. Therefore, we do not require notice if you wish to cancel. Your membership and personal details will be automatically removed after 12 months of inactivity. 

b) Monthly memberships are calculated in whole calendar months. Accordingly, if you wish to cancel, we require a full calendar months’ notice.  If less than one full calendar months’ notice is received, you may be required to pay an additional month's direct debit charges.  If your membership is inactive for 12 months, we will try to contact you.

c) Annual memberships must be paid upfront, in full, by either cash, card or by requesting a payment link. 

You will have a 14 day cooling off period from the date you make your membership application.  Cancellation and refunds after the 14 days cooling off period will only be considered under extenuating circumstances.

d) From time to time, it may be necessary to contact you regarding your membership, so it is important that you advise us of any changes to your address, phone number or email address.


3. Membership types and length of membership

a) Pay As You Go - Your membership will begin on the day you make your membership application and will run for one day only.

b) Pay As You Go Concessionary Rate - This membership is only available to valid ‘GOCV+’ card holders. Concessionary membership eligibility can be confirmed with a GoCV+ card, or by providing documentation which meets the eligibility criteria. Your membership will begin on the day you make your membership application and will run for one day only.

c) Monthly Direct Debit- Your membership will begin on the day you make your membership application. It will run for at least one calendar month and will continue   until you provide us with at least one calendar months’ notice.

d) Monthly Direct Debit Concessionary Rate- This membership is only available to valid ‘GOCV+’ card holders.  Concessionary membership eligibility can be confirmed with a GoCV+ card, or by providing documentation which meets the eligibility criteria. Your membership will begin on the day you make your membership application. It will run for at least one calendar month and will continue until you provide us with at least one calendar months’ notice.

e) Annual Membership - This membership will last for 12 months from the date you make your membership application and payment is received.  We will send you a renewal reminder one calendar month before membership expiry.

f) GoCV+ - documents that meet the GoCV+ eligibility criteria are;

  • Attendance Allowance

  • Bereavement Benefit

  • Carer’s Allowance

  • Council Tax support (not the single person occupancy)

  • Disability Living Allowance

  • Employment and Support Allowance

  • Housing Benefit

  • Incapacity Benefit

  • Income Support

  • Industrial Injury Disablement Benefit

  • Industrial Death Benefit

  • Jobseeker’s Allowance

  • Pension Credit

  • Personal Independence Payment

  • Severe Disablement Allowance

  • Universal Credit

  • War Pension Disability / Armed Forces Compensation

  • Widows Benefit

  • Working Tax Credit (not Child Tax Credit alone)

  • Letter from the Department of Work and Pensions

  • Letter from the Council or Home Office

  • NUS Card

4. Membership cards

a) You will be issued with your membership card when you attend your induction, or on your first visit after completing your membership form. Please bring this card with you each time you visit the centre.

b) Your membership is personal to you and cannot be transferred to anyone else. You must not lend your membership card to another person.


5. Changing your membership

a) We realise that your needs can change over time. Please contact us if you wish to amend your membership category.

b) Annual membership changes will only be considered under extenuating circumstances.

c) It may be necessary to provide proof of entitlement for any new membership category you apply for. For example, if you apply for a concessionary membership rate, we will need to view your valid ‘GOCV+’ card or valid documentation.


6. Guests

a) Each member is entitled to introduce up to two guest members.

b) When applying for guest membership, the guest will be required to pay for and complete a fitness assessment and/or a gym induction, if required. Please ask at reception for details.

7. Cancelling or Suspending your membership

If you wish to cancel or suspend your monthly membership, you will need to do so in writing, either by letter or email, and any refunds requests cannot be accepted unless they are made in writing.

Annual membership cancellation or suspension requests will only be considered under extenuating circumstances.

We are entitled to suspend or cancel your membership in the following circumstances:

a) If you repeatedly contravene this membership agreement or the centre's rules.

b) If you use rude or abusive language, or physically threaten a member of staff or fellow member in a violent or aggressive manner.

c) If we receive any complaint about your behaviour; you persistently behave inappropriately; or we believe that your continued membership is not in the interests of other members of the centre.


8. If you do not pay your membership fee when it is due

If your Direct Debit membership fee is not paid when due, we will contact you to let you know. If your direct debit instruction is still in force we will try to take the amount due the following month as scheduled.


9. Changing your membership fees and this agreement

a) Membership fees may be reviewed from time to time in the light of increasing operating costs. A minimum of one month’s notice will be given for any increase in membership fees.

b) From time to time, it may be necessary to make reasonable changes to this agreement, the terms and conditions in Part A, or to the rules and regulations in Part B. In such circumstances, we shall provide ample notice before implementing any amendments to the centre or the services we provide.

10. Making changes to the centre or its facilities, services and activities

a) Whenever possible, advance notice of any changes to the facilities, services and activities offered by Atrium Health Ltd will be communicated via the centre’s noticeboard, display screens and website.

b) If it is necessary to close the centre for reasons outside our control, e.g. in extreme weather, we will communicate these closures on our website, by telephone greeting message and on social media.

c) Details of the centre’s opening and closing times are provided on our website and information leaflets. Opening times may vary during the Christmas period, on training days and on other bank holidays. We will advise you about these temporary changes via our noticeboards, display screens, website and social media.

11. Complaints

a) We are committed to ensuring our members are happy with the service we provide. However, we understand that sometimes things do not go according to plan. If you have a complaint, please let us know as soon as possible, in order that we can fully investigate and resolve matters.

b) If you have a complaint, please raise your concerns initially with a member of staff. If you are not satisfied with their response, then please contact the manager on duty.


12. Liability

a) We cannot accept liability for damage or loss to your property at the centre, other than that arising from our own negligence or failure to take reasonable care.

b) We cannot accept liability for the injury or death of any member, child or guest at the centre, other than that arising from our own negligence or failure to take reasonable care.

c) Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to limit any rights you may have as a consumer.


13. Data protection

a) Our procedures conform to the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and, from 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). 

b) All information we hold about you is retained in line with our privacy policy, which is published

on our website: Alternatively, copies may be obtained on request from our centre

c) s reception. If you wish to know what information is stored on our system or require us to correct any information we hold about you, please raise the matter with a member of staff.

13. Children

Unfortunately, we do not have facilities to accommodate children at the centre. Nevertheless, we understand that children may sometimes accompany you when you visit our premises.  Any children on site must be accompanied by an adult and remain in the reception/café area and behave reasonably at all times. They must not put themselves or other people in danger or prevent other members from enjoying the facilities. If your child is behaving unreasonably, we have the right to speak to you or the child about this.



By phone: 02476 234570 and ask to speak a member of the Atrium Admin Team

By email:



Definitions that apply to part A

You – The member
We and us – Atrium Health Limited


1. General health and safety

a) Your safety is our main priority. To ensure the well-being of members and guests, you must pay particular attention to all signs relating to health and safety issues at the centre. If you do not understand a notice or sign, please ask one of our staff.

b) Fire exits are clearly marked at the centre. If there is a fire, or if you hear the fire alarm, you should make your way outside through the nearest available exit and assemble at the front of the building. Staff will be on hand to assist and direct you.

c) If you suffer an accident or injury at our centre, you must report it – and the circumstances under which it occurred – straight away to a member of staff.

d) The staff reserve the right to withdraw use of the Olympic bar and weight plates when deemed to be unsafe during busy periods.

e) The staff reserve the right to reserve pieces of equipment for use during rehab classes on an ad hoc basis.

f) While you are at the centre, we expect you to behave appropriately, respectfully and politely. You will be asked to leave if we feel you are behaving improperly.

g) When using the gym or taking part in physical activities, you must always wear clothing and footwear that is clean and suitable for exercise. If we feel your    clothing is inappropriate, we may ask you to change it, or to stop using the facilities.

h) It is particularly important that you do not visit the centre or use the facilities if you have an infectious illness or condition, or test positive for Covid.  Please note that you must be free from symptoms (notably sickness and/or diarrhoea) for at least 48 hours before returning to the centre.


2. Car parking

a) Unfortunately, we cannot offer car parking facilities for members. The small car park to the front of the premises is for staff only. Members or visitors parking here will be asked to move. Parking in the ambulance bay directly in front of the building is strictly prohibited.  The nearest car park is the Skydome Car Park, Croft Road, Coventry, CV1 3AZ.  We are pleased to offer a discounted rate of £1.50 for this car park, payable at Atrium reception.  Please note your registration number will be required.  On street pay-and-display parking is also available near the centre.

b) Members and visitors with a disabled parking badge may park in any free space, provided their vehicle does not cause an obstruction.

3. Lockers    

a) All personal belongings are brought to the centre at your own risk. We do not accept legal responsibility for any loss or damage to these items.

b) If you leave your belongings in a locker overnight, we reserve the right to remove them. They can then be reclaimed from reception within the following two weeks.  After this time, we will not be responsible for any items and may dispose of them.

c) If you find lost property, you must hand it into reception.

4. Gym and fitness facilities  

a) Our aim is to promote a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle for all. Exercise is a key element in the innovative health programmes that support our commitment to improve the wellbeing of individuals and local communities. We understand and acknowledge that everyone has different abilities, fitness levels, skills and targets. Accordingly, we ensure that every member's exercise plan is tailored to their own specific needs.

b) Always undertake exercises as demonstrated by your instructor. No claims can be accepted for injuries caused through the misuse of equipment or incorrect performance of exercises.

c) If you have been unwell, feel unwell or see someone else in need of assistance, you must inform a member of staff immediately.

d) If your medication changes, you must inform a member of the exercise team before starting to exercise.

e) You should always make sure that you warm up properly and take time to cool down after your activity.

f) No smoking is permitted inside or outside the centre at any time.

g) To avoid the risk of choking, you must not chew gum while using the gym or taking part in any physical activity.

h) Please bring a small gym towel to wipe down equipment after use.

i) Items of unclaimed lost property will be held on site for one calendar month prior to disposal.

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