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An overview of our Vascular Rehabilitation Course with Ben Morley - Clinical Exercise Specialist

• improve quality of life

• improve your overall health

• reduce the risk of further problems associated with

• peripheral arterial disease

• improve symptoms such as claudication

• educate you about the diagnosis

• increase your exercise/physical activity levels


• Any new or unusual symptoms you may be experiencing

• Medications and their effects

• Your options for attending the exercise programme

• Peripheral Arterial disease risk factors

• Guidance on physical activity, exercise and return to work   

  (if applicable)

• Any other concerns that you have about your recovery

• The results of your exercise assessment

• A referral to see a dietician and/or psychologist               

  (if applicable)

• Advice on smoking cessation

Terry Askew – Testimonial 

After suffering with vascular problems Terry joined Atrium Health with the view to get back on track with his fitness and get back to golf. Terry started a 12 week course and after 12 weeks he had improved by 15-20% from his initial start date. Terry is now a full time member of Atrium Health taking advantage of the facilities to stay fit and healthy.

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