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An overview of our Cardiac Rehabilitation Course with Becky Evans - Clinical Exercise Physiologist

• Improve your health and quality of life

• Improve your wellbeing

• Reduce the chance of going back into hospital

  with a heart problem

• Prevent future heart problems


Any new or unusual symptoms you may be experiencing

Medications and their effects

Your options for attending the exercise programme and

  education sessions

Coronary heart disease risk factors

Guidance on physical activity, exercise and return to work

  (if applicable)

Any other concerns that you have about your recovery

The results of your exercise assessment

A referral to see a dietician and/or psychologist (if applicable).

Tom Forsythe – Testimonial 

After heart surgery back in 2018 Tom started an 8 week cardiac course with Atrium Health to get him back to health. He is now a full time member of Atrium Health using our gym facilities and services to continue his recovery and achieve his fitness goals.

T Forsythe - Cardiac rehab
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